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Microsaw - Signal Conditioning, Frequency Control and Precise Time microelectronic components


MICROSAW is a company that engaged in design and sale of microelectronic components for Radio Frequency and Microwave Industries.

MICROSAW provides innovative Product Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Specialized Services.

Our engineers have over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of microelectronic components. We serve clients with technical support enabling successful implementation of product in a customer’s application.


Our production facility is equipped with State-Of-The-Art machinery including powerful Canon® lithography stepper, Agilent® analyzing devices, Zeiss® laboratory instruments and other high-tech equipment.

A combination of multi-skilled team and high performance manufacturing enables MICROSAW to produce cutting-edge products for the most demanding high–tech markets.


MICROSAW manufactures broad line of precision SAW Filters, SAW Delay Lines , SAW Resonators as well as passive Microwave Filters. Our products have a combination of superior electrical parameters, light weight and small size that make them ideal for Microwave and RF Industries. Our Frequency Control Devices are used in various applications including:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Broadcast Systems
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Timing Devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Metrology
  • Seismic Systems

Continuing improvements of technology lead to new ranges for electrical parameters.


MICROSAW has own quality system enabling manufacturing of High-Reliable microelectronic components. We comply with the highest international quality standards.

Microwave and SAW Devices that are intended for work in Harsh Environment Applications can be 100% tested on a customer request.

We provide electrical, mechanical and climatic testing.


MICROSAW’s clients have already successfully implemented our SAW and Microwave devices.

We will assist you to solve your technical and business issues!

Please contact us by email sales@microsaw.fi

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Design and manufacturing of frequency control devices and subsequent technical support.

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