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SAW Bandpass Filters

SAW Bandpass Filters

SAW Bandpass Filters List Parametric Search

The list of these type of devices include the wide range of items with the following electric parameters:

— central frequency vary from 15 MHz to 3 GHz
— insertion loss up to 0,5 dB
— relative bandwidth varied from 0,01% to 120%

It is rather difficult to combine the limiting values of different technical parameters in the same device, indeed, but in majority of cases it is possible nevertheless.


SAW Resonators

SAW Resonators SAW Resonators Parametric Search

SAW Resonators, the other type of devices based on piezoelectric materials and represented in our catalog, are of such kind as:

— with central frequency varied from 100 MHz to 3 GHz
— with Q quality factor up to 30000
— both one-port and two-port Resonators


SAW Delay Lines

SAW Delay Lines SAW Delay Lines List Parametric Search

Delay Lines provided by Microsaw meet the following parameters:

— central frequency vary from 100 MHz to 2,6 GHz
— with GDR from 0,2 microseconds to 25 microseconds and more
— the range of relative bandpasses of the signal vary from 1% to 120%
— both with linear phase and also Chirp or PSK


Microwave Filters

Microwave Filters Microwave Filters List Parametric Search

Microsaw offers also this type of devices with:

— central frequency vary from 0,5 GHz to 35 GHz
— relative bandpass 1% and more
— insertion loss up to 1 dB

Microwave Filters manufactured by Microsaw have such a distinctive feature as a compact size, that could be compared with typical dimensions of SAW Filters.


Sensors & RFID

Sensors & RFID Sensors & RFID List Parametric Search

Besides the types of devices, listed below, Microsaw company offers sensors of thickness control, used in the process of ultra thin film deposition and nanofilm deposition. These sensors with resolution of 1 nanometer were designed to control film thickness varied from 20 nanometers to 20 microns.

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